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Dienstag, Januar 18, 2005

Herbert Spencer "Survival of the fittest"

A narrow profile of Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903) which appears to remain very much current today, in support of the quote "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action".
"The Victorian biologist and early social philosopher Herbert Spencer was a great rival of Charles Darwin's. His theory of evolution preceded Darwin's own, but was soon overshadowed because of the absence of an effective theory of natural selection - although it was Spencer, and not Darwin, who popularized the term "evolution" itself and coined the now-ubiquitous phrase, "survival of the fittest". ." from HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT website.

GSBA leading MBA school

Based on our very positive experience studying at the GSBA, but also in light of highly biased and unprofessional reporting in the media, I want to re-emphasise the clear value-added we get, as students and professionals, from the executive education received at GSBA.

  • Live Cases, where international and local companies assign groups of students to work on a current burning business issue. The solution is then reviewed and debated with the Management team of the company and very often is successfully implemented.
  • Network, for which the GSBA Forums and Workshops, as well as the GAA (GSBA Alumni Association) are only visible elements
  • Interactive classes, where experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds share views , best practices and questions on important issues, within a highly structured curriculum
  • Dual Diploma, whether in partnership with SUNNY (NY, USA) or the University of Wales (UK), provide additional leverage of the received education
What did you get out of it ? What do you think we should work on to improve ? Looking forward to all your inputs and comments (also in German)